Whitetail Strategies Guide Service is a professional Outfitter and guide service located in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Whitetail Strategies Guide Service conducts most of the Vermont hunting and fishing trips in the Benson Vermont area, with a few exceptions for some snowshoe hare hunting and moose hunting in northern Vermont. 
    Whitetail Strategies Guide Service offers many fully guided hunting trips, such as: Archery Whitetail Deer Hunting
                       Firearm Whitetail Deer Hunting
                       Guided Moose Hunts For Moose Lottery Winners
                       Vermont Eastern Turkey Hunts Both Spring & Fall
                       Guided Rabbit Hunts With Beagles 

    Whitetail Strategies Guide Service also offers professionally guided fishing trips on Lake Champlain and many other Vermont lakes and ponds, such as: Fully Equipped Guided Ice Fishing Trips
                         Fully Equipped Shoreline Fishing Trips For Catfish

    Whitetail Strategies Guide Service also offers, free of charge, other activities. When your tags are filled or after a spring turkey hunt or during a shoreline Lake Champlain cat fishing trip in the spring time here in Vermont, such as: Guided Morel Mushroom Hunting & You Keep Them
                                Guided Indian Arrowhead Hunting & You Keep Them

Whitetail Strategies Guide Service
Fred Scott-Owner & Head Guide
3118 Stage Rd
Benson Vt 05743
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