Hunting moose in Vermont is a fairly new activity when compared to Vermont's traditional fall pass time of whitetail deer hunting. 
    The Vermont moose is the largest of the deer species. An adult bull moose can weigh 1200-1600 pounds and stand at a height that towers over most vehicles that we ride in. An adult cow moose can weigh  800-1300 pounds. Both bull's and cow's can live in the wild up to 16 years.
    Vermont moose hunting puts up different challenges than any other hunting in the Northeast. Vermont moose are generally found working the big woodland clearcuts and in the boggy marshes around the scattered beaver ponds that are numerous in Vermont. Most of the real hard work hunting Vermont moose, comes after the harvest of your Vermont bull or cow moose. But dont think for a minute that the chase will be a cake walk, because it is not! Sometimes the good moose sign is far from any log road or highway. That is the appeal for Vermont moose hunting. So put on your best knee boots, pack a lunch, and let Whitetail Strategies Guide Service lead you on your Vermont moose adventure! 

    Vermont moose hunting is done by a lottery every season. Both non-residents and residents can apply for a moose permit for a fee of $10 for residents, $25 for non-residents. If your name is drawn the actual moose permit cost $100 for residents, $350 for non-residents. Vermont moose lottery also has a preference point system. So if you dont get drawn for a moose tag, next year you have an additional point. This accumulates every year you apply. Vermont Fish and Game releases the winner list in September online so you can start arrangements for your hunt.
    Whitetail Strategies Guide Service fee's for a Vermont Moose hunt are $1500.00  with a $500 nonrefundable deposit to cover scouting preperation for your hunt. Whitetail Strategies Guides for moose are limited, so book for your Vermont moose hunt quickly. Guide fee's do not include removal of the moose from the woods, game processing, lodging, meals, or license. But we can advise for the who, what , where, and how much. Go to the Vermont Fish and Game link on the home page for rules and regulations for moose hunting or to buy a hunting license or apply for a moose permit.
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