Whitetail Strategies Guide Service offers rabbit hunting over beagles. After deer season in Vermont  has come to an end, don't just put away your hunting gear and sit and wait for the next deer season to arrive. Contact us to book a rabbit hunt. The crisp winter air, a new blanket of fallen snow, a group of friends, new and old, the sound of beagles in a craze barking on the trail of a freshly jumped rabbit. All of these things come together to make for some of the most exciting hunting to be found in Vermont. 
    The day of the hunt will start with a brief saftey course explaining how to carry and operate firearms safely. The layout of a typical hunt will be described so first time hunters know what to expect. The main focus of this meeting is to ensure the saftey of every hunter, the land owners property, and the saftey of the beagles that work so hard for us.
    The hunt begins! Rabbits are found in some of the thickest cover Vermont has to offer. We useually drop one dog at a time, but on occasion, two dogs or more are put down. It depends on the day. There are alot of variables that come with rabbit hunting with beagles. Snow conditions, temperature, wind condition, scent condition, terrain, to speek of a few. The dogs always let me know what kind of day we will have almost immediately. A few things we can count on are that the dogs always chase rabbits, we will be in the best locations to find rabbits, you will get your exercise for the day, and meet some new hunting buddys. Some days we all fill our bag limit, some days we only get a few, but every day is an adventure, this to be sure! 
    So if your a seasoned hunter of many years experience, or you are a first time rabbit hunter, I encourage you to contact Whitetail Strategies Guide Service to book your mid to late winter entertainment. Happy hunting!

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