2020 Vermont hunting season dates
 Archery-10/01 through 12/15
Regular season-11/14 through 11/29
Doe Blackpowder-10/29 through 11/01
Reg. Blackpowder-12/05 through 12/13
Rabbit season-Jan. 1st through 3/8/2020
Spring Turkey-5/1 through 5/31
Fall Turkey-10/24 through 11/8
Moose-October Lottery 10/* through 10/*

2020 License fees 
Archery resident-$23.00
Archery Only Nonresident-$75.00
Regular season resident-$28.00
Turkey resident-$23 plus reg. hunting license
Turkey nonresident-$38 plus reg. hunting license
Regular season Nonresident-$102.00
Muzzleloader resident-$23.00 plus reg. hunting license
Muzzleloader Nonresident-$40.00 plus reg. hunting license
Fishing resident-$26.00
Fishing Nonresident-$52.00 (season)
Small game Nonresident-$50.00


Deer-Archery-3 day hunt-$500
Deer-Archery-5 day hunt-$599
Deer-Rifle-3 day hunt-$600
​Deer-Rifle-5 day hunt-$699
Deer-Black Powder-3 day hunt-$600
Deer-​Black Powder-5 day hunt-$699
Turkey-3 day Hunt-$500
Turkey-5 day Hunt-$699
​Rabbit Hunt over Beagles-1 day-$100
Cat Fishing-1 day-$100 
Ice fishing-1 full 8 hr day-$100
Moose-5 day pre-scout-6 day Hunt-$1500.00 Plus lodging, meals, license
All Hunts and Fishing Trips need to add the cost of license/lodging/food.
All youths must have an adult join them for the trip

  A $100.00 per person nonrefundable deposit is required to book all hunting and fishing trips, sorry NO credit cards. Make checks payable to Whitetail Strategies Guide Service. Send checks to Whitetail Strategies Guide Service 3118 Stage Rd Benson Vt, 05743. The balance of the Trip will be paid when you arrive. Book as far in advance as possible to secure your time, but don't hesitate to check for availability even if it's last minute.​ When using the "contact us" button, be sure to list the activity you have chosen in the subject box, for example deer hunt or ice fishing. Absolutely the most organized, most efficient way to contact us about questions for a hunt or to book a hunt is using the "contact us" button or email directly at whitetailstrategies@shoreham.net.
  Contact Whitetail Strategies for assistance with booking lodging and meal options or any other questions you might have via email whitetailstrategies@shoreham.net. To check game laws and rules & regulations, or to purchase a license, click on the Vermont State Fish and Game symbol on the home page sponsor link section. 
I look forward to hearing from you, hunts and fishing trips available this season and next season. Good luck this season wherever you may hunt or fish!
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